Post #1: It had to happen sometime.

by katiclops

Well, here we are.

There always has to be a first time.

(shuffles feet/jams hands in pockets/looks nervously at ceiling)

Somebody has to write the first post.  It just happens.  It’s normally better when you just get it over with, so if it fails it can be forgotten or laughed about, told about over beers, another dinner party vignette.  Orphaned or abandoned, it will only happen once there is this one.

And it takes two you know.

Normally it’s best when blogs just launch into things, so that when people hit the back button they abruptly end.  Assuming that this is a blog continued from some other, archaic, obsolete server, now defunct and rusty in dad’s leaky basement. That prior to wordpress, there existed other blogging platforms, wherein people invested hopes and dreams, meanderings and self-reflections, pre-cloud and pre- anything really…that when wordpress came along it was finally time to throw that all aside and continue here, in this new platform, until the next thing comes along…but for me this was it.  This is it!

Ah well, now you will have arrived here.  Hello! This was it. This was the first post.

You made it back this far.

No sense in greeting you like we are beginning a journey together, this is much more likely the end, all we have in front of us is the rest of time (but that, you already know).

This blog was initially started with no intent, just being.  A blog that had to be!  It was started with kindness and hope, and no particular objectives in mind.  Tonight it was mild, with a slight warm spring breeze. March was in like a lamb and out like a ferocious lion. It rained all day, hailed for two hours over lunch, and a vicious wind tunnel was created down Georgia that succeeded in plastering me against the two storey high glass and metal doors that flank the entrance to our twin of the two twin towers.  I was late for work this morning and drank a smoothie out of a pickle jar. After I sufficiently tamed the mess of soggy hair that became plastered to my face in the two minutes I crossed Hamilton with my umbrella closed.

Yes.  Now you have arrived at the very last post and realized that I am exactly *that* kind of blogger.  The pickle jar smoothie drinking, flyawayhair growing, self-narrating kind.

Good heavens! Blogs always start with the best of intentions.  This one has just happened, no lofty claims. It could really be nothing more than a diary of lunches and weather forecasts. This first post I’m afraid will stumble off a little more like a sheep.

Now that the last blog post you will ever read of mine is done, I would like to thank you! And say that I am honoured in acquiring such a fan.  Flattered and touched.  Undeserving really.

I hope that this is not the only post you have read.  To a long and blogful blog for us both.

In solidarity,