Post #2: Note to self, insomnia, and the federal budget

by katiclops

Well, here we are again.

Two days ago I went to a two hour long session looking at mobile and e-commerce.  I typed the six-panel discussion entirely by thumb on my iPhone.  You would not believe the thumb crampage going on to you as I type this.  Every space bar is like a knife to my metatarsals…there is a future for tablets after all….

I was going to mark off that I wrote today on my calendar at work, like my pay day or the cabergoline I’ve been taking, but I fought the urge.  I don’t want this to be like a medication or an obligation.  If it fails I have failed, but it’s not like a drug. More like going to the gym.  I want to go because it makes me feel good.  Because it’s sunny out and I love runny fast.  Because it’s what I do in my free time.  Not because I get to check off another square on my calendar.

More rain today.

The federal budget dropped.

It felt like some kind of twisted backwards Christmas.  There was this aura of grotesque excitement in the air as we all clustered in our boardroom to stream the coverage off CBC. Peter Mainsbridge was there, with his blue suit and handsome unflailing white rimmed hairless head. The coverage was the wort I have ever seen from CBC.  Feeds were dropped, static flashed across the scene, audio was missing.  Good connections seemed to  never be of the right scenes.

Night love.

you’re my night love.

you’re my knight love.

your (my) night (love).