Post #3: sometimes the days get very short

This blog feels very quiet and empty now. One day I am sure it will feel very full and vibrant and filled with lots of other people: maybe we will have discussions that feel like shared nachos and inside jokes about each others
Children (ie blogs). But for now I can’t help but feeling like Merlin, living life backwards, my friends have already all dropped away.

It’s raining again today. For those of you unfamiliar with the west coast, I enclose today for you, a picture:
Except I haven’t quite figured that out yet! But I will! Oh I will computer literate friends….these are but baby steps!

So it is raining again and my heart is racing. I’m shaking a little but my brain feels much clearer than it has the past three days. My two housemates are in a music war. Above me, D Is sweetly strumming guitar with lovely J who accompanies, no word of a cheesy lie, like an angel, js voice is incredible. Next to me in the kitchen G accompanies arcade fire in falsetto, complete with guitar solos. Both noises are so sweet and tranquil I can’t help but feel very blessed to be here and they drive out every possible ounce of its quarter to midnight I work in eight hours out of my body.

I have a gutter and eaves trough outside my window and it sounds delicious.

I miss him more now than ever.
They always say its darkest right before the dawn. 26 days!! And four sleeps until a mini vacation together!

I go back to scubadiving inside my head.