In the Realm of Hungry Masters students

by katiclops

So if nothing else, I thought I would start writing about the books I’m reading.

I am now establishing myself in a new town, after a long (sadly uneventful) first month and hiatus from doing anything moderately productive (other than look for work and turn an empty studio into a fully functioning apartment for two!). Consequently, I have been reading. Alot.


It has been incredible to climb back into reading.  Once upon a time I was a VORACIOUS reader. Like we are talking over lunch hour, during recess, staying up too late  reading by the scant light of the bathroom…you get the idea.  Over the past 10-11 years, my reading has been reduced to fits and starts. My writing (as is sadly all-too-obvious by this blog) has fallen into rusty disrepair. Let’s say ill-repair.  School, extra-curriculars, socializing and work took over. Leaving Vancouver was a messy, rushed hodge-podge of cleaning grout with toothbrushes and over estimating the amount of stuff I could carry with me on the ferry. Despite a terrible sleep on my hardwood floor (my bed left weeks earlier) somehow, I stumbled onto the ferry, where I checked four of my five (enormous) bags and indulgingly checked myself in to the $13 a crossing salad bar and dessert buffet. It. was. incredible.


It was quiet. It was beautiful (dusk on a ferry crossing through the gulf islands is never less than spectacular). It was empty (3pm crossing…who knew?). Best of all: a started a book.

A real book. 

Not one for school. Or related to work. Not even tangentially! Not to improve my Spanish or my French, or to cross another title off on my bucket list of classics. A book. For me to read. Out of Interest. The kind of interest you have because you are a Person, and not a specialist.

I’ve been intending on reading this book for four years, I bought it at Pulp Fiction on Main one of the last days I wrote in this blog, actually.  It’s written by a Vancouver author, Dr. Gabor Maté, and is by no means “light”- it provides an overview in life and issues of the DTES. But still, it was a book and I was back on reading.

My new thought with this blog is that I am going to try to post more regularly-if for nothing else-on what I’m reading. The next few posts might be a little strange because I will probably recap what I’ve covered the past month, but I’m excited to start documenting and discussing this…till tomorrow!