Emails from Powerful Strangers

by katiclops

A few hours after writing my post (In the Realm of Hungry Masters Students..), I happened to get a great email from a Powerful Stranger. He was writing to explain that over the past few months he has been keeping a blog, in secret, and we could find the first twelve posts here.  Almost all of them followed a simple template, which I will cross-post (pending his permission!) in the near future.

I was delighted to receive his email.  Not only is he a great friend, he has been a truly inspiring one, one that catalyzes creativity, action and discussion.  In one of his first posts he talks about the virtues of Powerful Strangers, and truthfully, this is who he is to me (albeit one who has become a friend!).  His blog is great, and I couldn’t recommend it more.  I am excited to be following it in the coming months.

As if the last part of puzzle coming together was this article, that was posted by Forbes earlier today. In short, it was loosely about how great business leaders read fiction, because fiction is the best way to understand people. I’d like to extrapolate this thought and say that fiction is the best way to understand ideas themselves. People, and the books (art) they produce are only the conduit. Without a forum and a medium to riff on these ideas, to document and meditate a little, I’m a little worried that they might be lost-as much as I enjoy the waves washing over me, I want to snap a few polaroids on this journey too. I’m going to try to include some quotes as well.

So thank you to all my Powerful Strangers out there! I look forward to reading all your books, blogs and comments.