I ended up attending the same university as one of my good friends from Hamilton. We met through the same literary association in high-school, and ended up working for the same paper. He is one of the few people that has continued to ask about my writing over the past nine years. I would often lament that between school and working (to pay for more school) I had hardly any time to read or write. To which he replied with a shrug: writing is an activity-like running. You need to get in shape. You wouldn’t just get up and run a marathon.

I am here because after nine years of by and large NOT writing everyday (certainly not creatively) and reading only slightly more, I have realized that I have lost my voice.

If I don’t start writing now, I may never will.

So, here I am, going back to the basics. Returning to a steady diet of plenty of fresh reading material and getting my voice back. This is my gym.

My name is Kate Harris. Currently I live in Victoria, BC and will be posting regular book reviews (and related creative non-fiction) until I can string full sentences together again (hopefully next April).

Thank you for all your support!

Photo of me by Anya Veverko –Lisboa, Portugal, 2007